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We are always interested to know of the different and imaginative ways in which our reminiscence DVDs and Guides are being used.

Here are just a few of them:

Have you thought of volunteering to help with reminiscence for older people, including those living with dementia? There are many opportunities to help in various ways, such as assisting at, for example, your local Memory Cafe, community hospital, Singing for the Brain group or in a care home.

Donate our Living Memories DVDs and Reminiscence Guides to a local group
Perhaps together with a group of friends or colleagues you can buy some of our DVDs and Guides from our website for a local Memory Cafe, care home, community hospital or other group… or perhaps an older neighbour(s). If you like we can mail them direct (provided you give us the address!) and enclose a note on your behalf.

Tea, Cake & Memories
Invite some older people in your local community, including those developing dementia, to join you for a cup of tea and watch one of our reminiscence DVDs. Then stimulate reminiscences by using questions and topics from our Reminiscence Guides. If this gathering proves popular, why not make it a regular event, with a different neighbour hosting the gathering each time?

Reminiscence Quiz
Get a group of friends together who were born in the 1940s or thereabouts to watch several of the archive film clips in our DVDs. Then have a quiz, which you have prepared in advance, based around people, objects or situations shown in the clips or other events from those decades.

How life has changed!
Invite a small group of young people in your local area (perhaps through Scouts, Guides, school or other youth organisation) to meet with several older people developing dementia and their carers, so that they can watch a couple of our Living Memories archive film clips together. Then stimulate conversation between young and old, if it doesn’t just happen naturally anyway!

Run a competition
‘National estate agents, RetirementMove purchased a “Home Sweet Home” DVD to use as their competition prize.’

If you have other suggestions or reminiscence projects you are running, please let us know.