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How do I place an order if I live outside the UK?

We are able to provide our Living Memories series Reminiscence Guides and DVDs for viewing on PAL, SECAM and NTSC systems in all countries in Europe, North & South America and Australasia. If you wish to place an order, please email us with details of the titles you wish to order and we shall advise you of the cost, including shipping.

Can I play all the film clips on each DVD one after the other?
Yes, the Menu on each DVD gives you the option of either selecting an individual film clip or “Play All”.

If you choose “Play All” the film clips will play one after the other and will run for approximately 30 minutes.

Can I buy the DVDs and Reminiscence Guides separately?
Yes, you have the option of buying the DVDs and Reminiscence Guides separately or together, which is slightly cheaper.
Can I use one of the Living Memories DVDs without the related Reminiscence Guide?
Yes, you can use any of the DVDs on their own. However, unless you are very familiar with the 1950s-60s, you will probably find it helpful to include in your reminiscence session some of the questions and topics we suggest in the Guides.