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Who We Are

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Prince Charles Investiture – 1969

Living Memories C.I.C. is a not-for profit social enterprise incorporated in the UK in in December 2016 under register no. 10525028 and its registered office is located at Gilpins, The Butts, Colyton, Devon EX24 6NU.

It was founded by Brian Norris, an international media lawyer by background and social entrepreneur, following several years self-funded practical research by Brian and Leonore Morphet to better understand how to use archive films most effectively to stimulate memories of the mid- 20th century for older people, including those living with dementia. For this research they used film programmes from the 1950s-70s in the archive collection of Greenpark Productions Ltd (Est 1938) which is owned by Leonore.

 The outcome was that Living Memories began to to create a topic based collection of DVDs, each with a 30+ page printed Reminiscence Guide to make it very easy for anyone to run a group and stimulate reminiscence after watching one of the film clips on each DVD.

This series of  Living Memories DVD and Reminiscence Guides were Finalists in the UK national Nursing Times Awards.

Our research continues and resulted in the development and creation of Living Memories Online during Covid Lockdown and now the growth of Tea and Memories community reminiscence groups around the UK 

 Living Memories C.I.C. can be contacted by phone on 44+(0)1297 552358 or by email at: admin@livingmemories.io

Our Vision

To integrate the use of technology in practical ways to benefit and connect people, communities and care.

Our Mission

To work in the community, using digital technology when beneficial, to provide quality support, to enhance health and well-being and assist individuals, particularly older people, to improve their physical and mental health.

Our Values

  • Respecting individual choice and promoting inclusion, rights and independence.
  • Behaving in a fair, open and ethical manner by according equal worth regardless of age, impairment, gender, ethical origin, religion, social orientation and social class.
  • Empowering individuals to meet their needs and goals.
  • Working with partners to deliver the best possible outcomes for the individuals and groups we support.
  • Treating all staff with fairness, listening to them and enabling them to maximise their contribution.


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